Thank you for visiting our website. As a sister company to Asiacell we have a long and strong heritage in Telecommunications. Fanoos' license from the National regulator enables us to provide voice and broadband data services across the Northern Governorates of Iraq and we are very proud of our achievements to date. We have the very good fortune to be working in a high growth industry which is exciting. It is also an industry that is transformational making our work rewarding and even more exciting.
• Fanoos Telecom is a leading provider of landline and internet services to people in seven governorates of Iraq. The company is the leader in fixed wireless telephony.

Getting Started with Landline

• Fanoos Telecom launched the first ever wireless telephony service in Northern Iraq in 2005
• Since its foundation in 2005, Fanoos has tried hard to maintain its reputation as a leading company in the region. We have kept the promise of providing low-cost and high-quality services to our customers and keeping the “Always Closer” slogan alive.

• Expanding and Innovating with Real Internet

• As a company on the move, Fanoos launched MAXNET service in 2011 and changed the concept of the real Internet in the Area, which is delivering the Internet speed to the customers that they request.